Pakistani Vlogger Takes Social Media by Storm

Meet Muhammad Shiraz, a 6-year-old vlogger from Gilgit-Baltistan capturing hearts with his adorable video

Showcasing Local Beauty

Shiraz's vlogs take viewers on a journey through his hometown, showcasing its cobblestone streets, Persian-style houses, and stunning natural beauty.

Viral Success and Recognition 

In just a month, Shiraz's unique style and charming Urdu narration have garnered him a large following across borders. He's even received a YouTube Silver Play Button for his channel's success!

Invited to US Seminar!

Google and YouTube take notice! Shiraz is reportedly invited to a seminar in the United States, offering him a platform to connect with international vloggers.

From Local Star to National Sensation

Shiraz's fame extends beyond social media. He's now appearing on a private television channel's Ramadan special program, further solidifying his popularity across Pakistan.