To start connecting and sharing open New or Existing Connection.

New Connection

Click on create new connection to start sharing files between multiple devices or drag and drop files to start sharing automatically.

Click on create new connection to start sharing files between multiple devices or add files to start sharing automatically.

Existing Connection

If you have already opened existing connection, type your connection code or scan QR code to join the existing connection

Scan QR Code

Why you should choose Tetily?
The four reasons to consider!


Share file between multiple devices over the internet

You just need internet & web browser in your device to start sharing and that’s it. It doesn’t mater which type of device it is.


No Registration Required

Unlike others to use Tetily you don’t need to register, have file sharing programs or have an account. Save bunch of time skipping this process.


End to End Encrypted

Your files can be only seen by the devices you allow to connect to your room and are private.


No installation Required

There is no need to install any app or program. We want you to save time as much as possible.

Save time & Energy

We understand traditionally how difficult it was to transfer files form one device to another. You would needed to use a wire/cable, Bluetooth, wifi and many more to transfer your files which takes and eats up a lot of time.

Why not can’t we have to transfer files in few clicks to another device. That’s where tetily will have help you.

Peer to peer file sharing

Peer to peer file sharing or traditional file sharing made more easier than before. With Tetily simply share files between PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, and Tablets within one room network. 

Unlike traditional peer to peer file sharing programs, You don’t need any App or program to install to transfer files with Tetily. All you need is your interest & internet to send files when ever you want.

No apps or installation required

For your convenience we have skipped the process of installing programs or apps. You don’t need to install any apps. All you need is web browser and start sharing.

Save bunch of timing skipping this.

We value your time!

Time is the most precious thing in the world.

Want to save time? Start using Tetily.